Offshoot of the French Chassany Watrelot & Associés law firm (3 offices in France: Paris, Lyon, Marseille), CWA Maghreb is a network of corporate law and legal advisory firms which combines several legal entities active through-out North Africa: CWA Morocco, CWA Algeria, CWA Tunisia and CWA International.

Present in the main cities of North Africa, these entities bring together corporate advisors and international business lawyers who perfectly master local law and also intervene on a daily basis in all the legal aspects of cross-border operations.

CWA Maghreb represents a consistent group of law firms and legal advisory firms established in the most important countries in Maghreb, allowing it to offer full quality legal services to a local and international clientele.

The organization of CWA Maghreb’s network relies on local teams not only capable of intervening to perform legal services in the country where they are located, but also of widening their intervention to the other North African countries. This transversal organization, under the responsibility of Mohamed Oulkhouir, allows CWA Maghreb to quickly and efficiently set up multi-disciplinary teams able to handle major cases in any country of the Maghreb area.


About 50 legal advisors and international business lawyers with experience and practice of the applicable legislation in Maghreb, experienced in conducting cross-border operations and managing complex files, ensuring the security and reliability of the projects they are entrusted with.

A strong involvement in providing legal advice: more than mere follow-up, it is true and effective support that CWA Maghreb teams provide their clients in the implementation and management of their operations.

The required representation before all the state and arbitral jurisdictions competent for litigations relating to foreign investments and more generally to business law.

An intervention of the firm’s legal advisors and international business lawyers in the framework of conferences or training in business law in France and all Maghreb countries.